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Rainy Day Camp Activities

Don’t let a little rain ruin your good times. Bad weather in the forecast? We cooked up a little list of ideas for you to tap into when the pressure is on to keep everyone in the fun-zone when the sky’s turn grey. Check out the list below for our top 20 rainy day camp activities.

  1. Go fishing – The fish don’t mind the rain! In fact they love it! Any angler paying attention will notice that fishing is usually better during rainy or cloudy weather. Throw on your best galoshes and see what is jumping!
  2. Get outside in your rain gear – Remember how much fun puddle jumping was? Or even dancing in the rain?
  3. Drive to nearby landmarks – There is so much history in our small town, as well as in the neighboring towns and villages!
  4. Plan your next camping trip – Don’t let a little rain keep you away! Our office staff is available to assist with planning your next stay!
  5. Take a nap – Rainy days are just made for a cozy snooze!
  6. Play board games – Keep the kids busy and create family memories with a family game afternoon! If you’re the competitive sort – skip on Monopoly!
  7. Teach someone to play cards – If fishing just isn’t your thing, dust off your deck of cards for a game of Go Fish! Learn to play Rummy, Crazy Eights, or even Uno!
  8. Read a book or magazine – See 5 above! They go together like wine and cheese!
  9. Practice knot tying skills – Remember those Boy/Girl Scout skills you learned? Share your knowledge with a younger camper!
  10. Tell fun stories about your life – Each take a turn and share your funniest moment!
  11. Break out the dominoes – play a real game or enjoy the fun of creating the cascading lines that you enjoyed as a kid! Extra credit if they stay standing up when dad jumps on the doorstep!
  12. Make a list of places you dream of visiting – Daydreaming is a great way to pass the time! Also, remember to see number 4 above.
  13. Create crafts – Either on your own or with the guidance of our activities team! There is always a creation just waiting to be made!
  14. Write in a journal – Describe what the rain sounds like or write out what you would like to do once the rain ends!
  15. Do some coloring – A relaxing way to bring some color to your day!
  16. Build a fort with blankets – Who has the best strategy? Once the fort is built, you have a great spot for that book reading or napping!
  17. Make a campsite sign – It might be too wet out to hang it now, but as soon as it dries out, you can hang it outside!
  18. Decorate some rocks – Paint or color a “kindness rock” and when the rain stops, spread your kindness by placing the rock outside for someone else to find!
  19. Visit our Arcade – There are games inside for everyone! Have a contest to see who can win the most tickets! Or just try to set the record high score!
  20. Check out our planned activities and family fun events – Most of our activities are rain or shine and you can stay dry under our giant tent!